About us Sail Turkey
- Sail Turkey is a Turkey-based brand that is part of Farout Tourism Co. Ltd. All founded and Directed by Murat Ned Denison.

Members of:
TURSAB: Turkish Travel Agencies Association - Soh Travel License no 13689
KUTA: Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce License no 11340


The business was started in 2002 by Murat Ned Danisan, who founded Alaturka in 2005; the aim was to provide a sample of Turkish culture while using the newly-purchased gulet 'Alaturka' to run the popular Fethiye to Olympos blue cruises. In 2002, the business developed significantly when it undertook the new expansions of Turkey bus tours, tours, and travel assistance in other popular Turkish destinations. By March 2007, the business was better than ever, and they seized the opportunity to open their first accommodation site in Fethiye. A short two years later, in 2009, the main head operation of Farout was unveiled in the center of Fethiye. After years of running regular summer-long cruises, we have gained expertise in private chartering. Each summer season brings new excitement and chances for Farout to spread its wings further and welcome new team members to join the existing crew. With new destinations, alternative cruising, and bus routes, we look forward to the upcoming seasons and seeing Sail Turkey and Farout thrive amid the summer.

Farout’s team of management has come from all corners of the world. Many members are from the southernmost parts of Turkey, such as Fethiye, Selcuk, Pamukkale, Cappadocia, and Demre. At the same time, some staff comes from other places such as Australia and South Africa. Most Turkish team members have worked with Sail Turkey for between 3 to 20 years. Each member has years of experience in yachting, travel, marketing, or hospitality, and with each year they spend at Farout, their motivation is to provide the best possible service grown. With our multicultural crew and experience from all over the world, we pride ourselves on calling the members of Farout the ‘Turkey Travel Experts.

Farout specializes in running guaranteed departure blue cruises along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, providing private gulet charters throughout the summer season and hosting bus tours in idyllic destinations such as Istanbul, Gallipoli, Selcuk, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Fethiye. Olympos and Cappadocia.

Farout provides a wide variety of blue cruises along the Mediterranean coast, the different departure routes being Fethiye and Olympos. Kas, Marmaris, Demre and Bodrum. The road from Fethiye to Olympos is by far the most popular of the blue cruises. With daily departures available from both Fethiye and Olympos throughout the week, the cruises begin at the end of April and can continue to the end of October. We get an extraordinary amount of feedback from the guests who have joined our Fethiye – Olympos Blue Cruise, saying it was one of the best things to do while in Turkey. Cruises from Marmaris, Antalya, Kas, Bodrum, and Kemer are also available, with select departures throughout the year.

Sail Turkey is a brand-operated small fleet of 1 or 2 focused on younger crowds; cruise itineraries are similar to Farout Cruises with some edits.

Anything is possible with a larg18-meter ranging from 18-meter Gulets to 48- meter long Super Luxury Yachts with Farout. Find what fits you best, depending on your budget and group size, under our website's ‘Yachts’ category. Farout has many traditional Turkish Gulets, which can cruise virtually any route along the Turkish coastline and even some of the Greek islands on request. Our selection of Gulets under the ‘Yachts’ category is all traditionally handmade.

At Farout, we can organize and operate private, tailored, or regular tours around various areas of Turkey. Another possibility is to organize regional tours in Istanbul, Pamukkale, Gallipoli, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Dalyan, and Mt. Nemrut. To view our full range of products and offers, please visit our other website www.faroutturkey.com.


2005 - It all begins

Very first Farout Gulet bought in 2005
2005 - It all begins
2005 was the year when Farout all began when Murat Ned Danisan founded Farout in Fethiye after purchasing their very first boat aptly named 'Farout', started operating the popular Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise.

2004 - Farout Inn

Farout's First Accommodation in Fethiye
2004 - Farout Inn
In the year of 2004, Farout branched out and opened their first accomodation site in Fethiye, the Farout Inn. This caused for the business to start growing more than ever. 

2006 - Farout Bus

Farout's first bus tour operation
2006 - Farout Bus
After a few years in the industry, Farout began to notice that many of their clients were having trouble with transport to Fethiye, the connections were not easy to handle. With notice of these issues Farout promptly started a daily bus service departing from the destinations of Ephesus, Selcuk and Kusadasi via Pamukkale, one of Turkey's main attractions, so that clients could experience a scenic route and an easy connection service to Fethiye. Due to the popularity of this bus tour, during the summer season the bus now runs in both directions daily. 

2007 - Cappadocia Tours

Tour packages to the hottest destinations
2007 - Cappadocia Tours
It was in 2007 when Farout released special holiday packages to one of the hottest destinations in Turkey, Cappadocia. These tours started from Turkey's main cities and included transport, accomodation and day tours/activites. They were a great hassle-free option for clients as everything was pre-organised. These Cappadocia packages are a value deal and are still one of Farout's best sellers.

2011 - Booking Manager

Farout open an online booking system
2011 - Booking Manager
It was 2011 when Farout became one of the very first travel agencies in all of Turkey to create their own online booking system. This booking system, named Booking Manager, has proven to be successful with the ability to book most turkey travel needs online. With the system Farout's clients are able to pay upfront and receive confirmation before arrival. The online Booking Manager system continues to be enhanced and developed on a regular basis to provide the best possible service for you.