When you are onboard our traditional gulet blue cruise you will be served up some of the most delicious meals of your whole time in Turkey.

We try to ensure that the food is something you will be talking about when you talk about your Mediterranean tour with your friends. On our cabin charter and also yacht charters we pride ourselves on serving up some of the most delicious meals using all the fresh in-season ingredients. Part of your yacht life is all about food.

For breakfast, you will get a traditional Turkish breakfast of eggs, tomato, cucumber, cheese and bread and spreads.

Lunch is usually an array of a few dishes using the in-season vegetables and fresh salads.

Dinner is always meat which we like to try and BBQ for you. Meatballs, chicken or fish all on a
different night for you to mix it up, along with side dishes.

You will also get afternoon tea each day. So sit back, relax and let our crewed yacht staff
look after you and your stomachs.