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"A most enjoyable cruise!"

Visited January 2015

It was last minute decision on my return from Greece to Cappadocia, where I was temporarily living that I booked on the 4-day cruise from Fetihye to Demre (in Oct 2014 – another late review, sorry!)

I was a bit hesitant for several reasons the weather forecast wasn’t looking so good, I was travelling on my own and didn’t want to be the lone single amongst a bunch of romantic couples, and being a more mature traveller, I didn’t want to get stuck on a party boat.

I needed have worried on any account – it really an awesome experience For starters, the weather gods played nicely and we only had a bit of rain on the last day, but it wasn’t a problem as they had several good sized areas where we could shelter.

We had a such a good mix of people on the boat – in terms of nationalities and ages which I really enjoyed. There seemed to be a high proportion of Aussies but they were all good sorts! We had a cool Turkish couple from Istanbul, a Danish couple, an English lady, an American couple and me (the Kiwi/American). Our ages ranged from 19 to 75 (or so). It really was a great mix of fun, accommodating people without any obnoxiousness. 

The staff on the boat were very professional and friendly. The food was just awesome – better than I had expected. 

I was a bit worried about the coziness of the cabin (especially when I found out I would be sharing with a young Aussie bloke) but while cozy as expected, they were reasonably sized, with cupboards for your stuff and places for your bag. The bathroom was big enough to swing a cat (if you were inclined) and clean.

It was just a tad bit too cold for me to jump in the water (having gotten used to the warmer Asian waters) but the clarity and colour of the water was just gorgeous. If it had been earlier in the year (ie warmer), I would have happily jumped in.

Overall – this was a great cruise and I’m so glad that I cast away my doubts and signed up.

"Farout was the highlight"

Visited November 2014

This review is actually about a September '13 Fethiye - Demre 4/3 cruise. (There's no option for that long ago on here) Sorry Farout!

I was traveling 2 weeks in Turkey and have a friend who teaches English in Istanbul and a friend in the States from there also. They highly recommended doing a Blue Cruise (though couldn't remember what company they had). After doing some research and having reservations about a cruise of that type, being a solo traveler, and seeing such mixed reviews, I came across Farout. Their website is very professional but I still had reservations. I pulled the trigger and hoped for the best...

It was the highlight of my trip :)

Food: awesome! Even the vegetarian lunches!

Staff: amazing too! Very professional and friendly. As guests we talked about how sometimes we didn't always know where we were going at times. We also discussed how the itinerary was covered in the beginning and just plain asking them would always receive a friendly answer. 

The boat: there's enough room and a wide spectrum of people to find your niche. Just don't stay below deck at night. There's a smell of oil from the engine room. But hey, its a boat and to be expected. Not to mention there's enough room on deck to sleep under the stars :) If you are worried about loud partying people, that wasn't the case. Though, I definitely had a good time with the Germans and Aussies.

The itinerary: I was worried about this initially. Don't be! It's a good mix of swimming in beautiful locales, hiking, old runes and awesome little villages.

In summary, Farout was great! It was an unexpected highlight to my trip. If you're a solo traveler don't hesitate, you'll love it! And even if you aren't.

"Second time and absolutely amazing"

Visited November 2014

This was my second time doing the 3 day cruise and it was just as good as the first. The first was with a friend, the second with my now fiancée! The crew were fantastic and incredibly professional, the cabins were comfortable with clean bathrooms, the food (vegetarian at lunch) was so delicious, and the sights and boat itself are absolutely magical. I can't recommend this cruise highly enough. It suits pretty much all ages and is perfect for girls, guys, singles and couples. I hope to be back!

"Havkajaktur 2014"

Visited October 2014

I uge 42 havde vi fra Troense Kajakklub en mega fed oplevelse i havkajak i Gôceg bugten i Tyrkiet vores ( hotel ) Farout 1 fulgte os i 3 dage , og betjente os med overdådelige måltider m.m. Hvis du er interesseret i at komme med en anden gang - så kontakt oleqajaq@hotmail.com