With almost 20 years of experience, Sail Turkey is a critically acclaimed company with positive reviews from customers all around the globe. If you're struggling to decide who to book your sail with, flick through these reviews and we will assure you the trip of a lifetime;

"Beautiful experience"

Visited July 2013

Who wouldn't love cruising the mediterranean! We had so much fun with Farout. The captain and crew were great, the food was amazing and there was heaps of it. 

I also highly recommend sleeping on the deck under the stars!

The whole idea that live for few days in a small boat and visit the most amazing scenery, sleep on the deck, meeting and become friend with others from round the world, be able swim in most clean/clear water and just have fun is priceless and we had it all. The only let down were that in two meals there were not enough food and every body was having loads of bread to fill up and drinking Water was not included with the meal. we had to pay for water all the way through the stay. I think we paid more for water than the cruise price. No complain as the crew were fantastic and it was a very cheap holiday.

"Great cruise and great crew"

Visited July 2013

I had the most fabulous time on this cruise. I went with 2 friends and we were well looked after. The captain made sure we were comfortable and pointed out many things to see and do at each stop. And the crew kept us laughing the entire time.

When I got home I kept waiting for the bell so I could have tea again LOL. Twice a day they would ring a bell and everyone came to the main deck for tea.

The islands were great, the water was so blue and even out pretty deep you could see right to the bottom. The hikes were amazing, the views breath taking. 

Each night the crew would play cards with us and we just had a great time with them and the other people we met on the cruise with us..

"Best Blue Cruise Ever"

Visited July 2013

The fun things to do and the unbelievable beautiful sea- and landscapes on view during a Blue Cruise are covered very well in many other reviews. I will just discus our experience relative to the Farout 2 in June, 2013.

This was our third Blue Cruise and combined all the good things of our last two and had none of the not-so-good aspects. The crew was professional and friendly bit also stuck to themselves, so there wasn't any pressure to do one thing or another or to ship here or there. We had a great set of co-voyagers which included a phenomenal percentage of medical professionals in three separate groups. Just a coincidence, but it was nice to know we had capable comrades nonetheless. one couple (not the medicos) brought their beautifully behaved yet friendly children with them , 8 and 10, and they definitely added a special touch to the voyage. The oldest aboard was in his seventies. All 18 of the passengers seemed to get along famously, and while there were a few food issues - some didn't eat fish, etc. - no one left hungry from the bounteous meals. The food was simple and good, just like Turkish food should be, with lots of vegetables and salads and fish and chicken (lunches were vegetarian). Bringing one's own wine is a no-no, which is too bad but also pretty standard (in the "old days" this was an accepted practice). Soda, beer, bottled water and wine was for sale at a reasonable price, using a simple honor system, and you pay at the end of the cruise, so there is no money changing hands during the cruise. Water at meals and tea were included in the price, which of course also included the meals. 

We had the stern room, with the nice window. For a boat cabin, it was very spacious, although that particular room may not be the best choice if one is over 5'7" or so, due to its relatively low ceilings. But that is part of the fun of being on a real boat (vs a huge cruise ship) and it wasn't a big problem, just a suggestion for tall folks to think about. 

In our experience every group of Blue Cruisers finds its own way to have fun, and this cruise was no exception. What was a bit different about this tour was the newness of the boat and how everything worked so nicely. As I always say, "Nobody doesn't have a good time on a Blue Cruise", and the almost-new Farout 2 is a good place to find out if you don't know already!