With almost 20 years of experience, Sail Turkey is a critically acclaimed company with positive reviews from customers all around the globe. If you're struggling to decide who to book your sail with, flick through these reviews and we will assure you the trip of a lifetime;

"Farout Yachting"

Visited July 2013

It was am amazing experience. The crew were first rate and everything was in tip top shape. The food was beyond belief. The crew met our every need. Even when the waters were rough they had an answer as to where to go for smooth sailing. The scenery was a chance of a life time. I would only change the bathrooms if it were possible

The staff are amazingly friendly, the chef knows his stuff! The food is incredible!
If sun baking, drinking, swimming in the Mediterranean with pristine coastlines and great food appeals to you, this is for you!
The Turkish coast sells itself, but the experiences and friends we made were amazing! Spotted some wild sea turtles, did some cliff jumping and slept under the stars on deck!

"Fethiye to Olympos"

Visited July 2013

Really enjoyed this. The crew were so friendly and helpful. We were served nice nice through out. there were enough activities to keep us occupied as well as loads of swimming. There was a 'clubbing' session at the end. The toilets were clean (though make sure you dont flush toilet tissue). 

This trip it seems would only be as enjoyable as the people that you are sharing with. We were lucky to sociable but chilled out group from all over the world but I would have hated this if it for example had 10 Drunk students who just wanted party all day and night. Make sure you check what kind of people have booked before parting with your hard earned cash!

"Just perfect"

Visited July 2013

I took this bus from Selcuk via Pamukkale to Fethiye and it was probably the best decision I made on my entire trip. I'm actually used to busses stucked with people, to no air conditionings and to stops every other minute. But this Farout bus was just so relaxing and you could totally enjoy the beautiful sights without any worries.
Besides this very, very convenient door to door offer, there' also a delicious lunch you get included in the price and an extremely helpful and friendly guide.
So don't hesitate to book a seat on this bus and I swear, you will have a great day!!!