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"Beautiful Turquoise Coast"

Visited June 2013

We boarded the Farout 81 on Saturday 1st June,Thank God the was no evidence of the terrible shenanigans from the previous Wednesday as reported by Tyler S.My suggestion would be to take earplugs with you when you travel(as I always do) and they come in mighty handy when there are terrible gap year brats partying like its 1999 and ruining your night.Anyway back to business.
As a family we all had the BEST time on our Blue cruise on the Farout 81( with our 2 boys 12 & 14).My Husband and I were along with another couple the oldest on the boat(in our 40's) and the rest were in their late 20's and they were the best group of people you could ask to meet on a holiday.Everyone was easy going and it was very relaxing. Every one got on extremely well no matter what ages they were including our kids.The crew were attentive and hard working.The food was delicious and plentiful.The food is included in the price and you just have to pay for your drinks.We were lucky with our cabin as it was at the back and had a lovely big window so we were nice and cool at night(we always travel with a mosquito net too so we put it up over the window)The bays where we stopped were lovely and the kids had a ball diving and jumping off the boat(as we all did)They Jumped of a 20 metre cliff at Oludinez,Climbed up to see the sunset at St Nicolas island,had lovely lemon sugar pancakes from the little Turkish lady in a boat,swam into a pirate cave and climbed up a very high castle at Simena. Kas was lovely too .The Kids even got to swim with a giant turtle one afternoon.We were lucky enough to have people from all different nationalities on board and got to listen to some great music from all over the world.The music was off by midnight and the staff didn't take part.On our third night there was a boat docked near us that had music blaring and you could hear them talking/shouting most of night,those earplugs were great. (they had American or Canadian accents).I think this is just one of those things that happen when you travel.I don't I think that it is just one boat or company that allows parties all night.I think that it totally depends on the group of people you go with.To sum up we had a brilliant time as did our fellow sailors,and I would recommend Farout 81.

We went on this trip in May 2013 with our children aged 12 and 17. IT WAS THE BEST FAMILY HOLIDAY TRIP EVER. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone with kids. Jumping off the deck into turquoise sea to start the day - great buffet breakfast shared with people from all over the world - lying on the comfortable deck watching the beautiful Turkish coast pass by - stopping at castles, huge waterfalls, sunken cities, going to a funny 'night club', cute cabins, lovely buffet lunches, great staff, banana boat ride and swimming into a huge cave, snorkeling and seeing giant turtles. I thought my kids might be a bit bored being on the boat with a bunch of adults (there was 16 tourists and 3 staff) but not at all - it really was a lovely experience when you are getting to that stage where your teenagers don't want to hang out with you so much any more - forget the all-inclusive hotels -try this instead. After here we went to Sabans tree house at Olympus - great fun -then 2 nights a bit more up market at Odile Hotel Cirali. Fly into Dalaman and then out of Antalya.

"Excellent trip"

Visited May 2013

This trip was brilliant the boat we were on was first class and along with motor after while the sails went up which was fantastic, The boat stopped 4 times so you could swim, it was a really relaxing trip and the food was great.

"12 Island Cruise"

Visited May 2013

Whilst in Olu Deniz my husband and I went on the sail boat around 12 Islands. I can't remember all of the islands we visited but Spoon Island was brilliant. I went for a swim and then had a lovely pancake made by a little old lady on a small boat. The staff on our sail boat were amazing and so friendly, the food on the boat was what we expected (fish, chicken and salad). All in all it was a brilliant day out.

One thing I would recommend is that if you decide to go on a boat trip go into the town of Olu Deniz and book with one of the shops, or at the harbour as the travel reps in the hotels tend to hike up the price.