With almost 20 years of experience, Sail Turkey is a critically acclaimed company with positive reviews from customers all around the globe. If you're struggling to decide who to book your sail with, flick through these reviews and we will assure you the trip of a lifetime;

Overall: the cruise from Fethiye to Olympos was one of the highlights of our 3-week trip in Turkey and one of the best way to see the Turquoise coast. We have all intention to go back.

Farout: Alartuka did an amazing work in making all the arrangements for the cruise. Compare to all other agencies contacted for information, Farout replied within hours (others took 24 to 72 hours to respond). Their responses were useful and helped me finalise the cruise. We were travelling with two young children (5 and 7 y.o.) and I wanted to make that having the kids on the boat would not be an issue. The price quoted was reasonable and market.

The boat and the crew: The boat, a traditional Turkish gullet, was well-maintained and cleaned. We probably had the best crew: Our captain did not know much English, but he was the funniest one when he did open up. One member of the crew, Dogukan Kiran, spoke great English, cook better and he was the life of the boat. He shared many stories with us and he genuinely cared for the passengers: I have a vivid memory of him wrapping in a blanket and holding tight to my son who was sea sick at 5 am on the deck. The food was simple, but tasty. They provide for breakfast, lunch, tea-time and dinner, all traditional turkish meals and there were plenty to enjoy. Beverages were not included, but were made available on the boat at reasonable price. The cabins are small, but we often slept on the deck and woke up at sun rise (amazing).

Activities: At first, I was concerned that we would be bored sailing (mostly the kids), but there was plenty to do, from sailing to snorkelling (snorkelling equipment provided on board), swimming and visiting historical sites (St. Nicholas island, sunken city, Kas). We enjoyed every moment, including naps on the deck.

A blue cruise is a must of any trip in Turkey and we warmly recommend Farout's cruise.

"Let Farout do the work"

Visited July 2015

This is for the 4 day, 3 night Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise. Great overall trip with plenty of stops and chances to swim and snorkel. Great value for the price!

Food: As many others have said, the food is impeccable and they feed you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There was plenty to go around; we even felt bad that all the leftover food got thrown away! 
Drinks are extra cost and not super cheap nor expensive. Small water is 1 Lira and a vodka shot was 13 Lira. This can get very expensive if you're on a party boat.
Boat: facilities were good and clean. No shoes are allowed on deck. Cabins were small and stuffy, but you're mainly spending your time on deck and sleep outside. I slept outside under the canopy so the morning sun wouldn't blind me, but others slept under the open sky. They supply snorkel gear and floaty noodles. 
My biggest gripe was the bees! OMG they were horrible and seemed to be our alarm clock every morning and harassed us during meals too. Not sure if it was where our boat was parked or what, but the other nearby boats didn't seem to have a problem. It would be nice to have a bee catcher or park in a better, non bee-infested place. 

Activities/Locations: all the beach towns were great and amount of time at each location was sufficient for seeing ruins and walking around the shops. There was plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling too. There were a decent amount of fish but don't expect tons of color and coral reefs. Water temp was lovely too.
Went paragliding in Oludeniz which was awesome! Note this takes up the whole excursion time you are on land so you won't be able to explore anything else if you do this. Also, they don't let you bring your own camera which is lame. we tried sneaking one and they confiscated it during the flight. 
On the last night, there was a boat shuttle that picked us up and took us to a Pirate bar with passengers from other boats. It was such a great time!

Staff: They did their jobs well and they didn't smoke around us too much. We were told that there would be an English speaker though, which we sort of had... but there were actually a lot of communication issues and the passengers were constantly confused about what was going on. 

Communication: I think they could have done a better job setting expectations and preparing us. For instance, we went paragliding in butterfly valley and suddenly we had to be on a small dingy that took us to shore, then they told us to jump into the thigh high deep water which drenched our pants and then they swiftly left my boyfriend and I standing on the beach with no further instructions. Luckily we found the paragliding guide and the rest of the group and were on our way. After that was completed, our group once again was confused and walked back and forth from the paragliding office to the beach because we couldn't find our boat. Eventually someone picked us up from the office to take us to our boat. When I brought this to our staff's attention and asked for a bigger heads up next time, they just blamed the agency and didn't apologize. 

Overall I recommend the blue cruise and Farout as long as you are not Type A and obsessed with knowing details. Relax and let they boat, wind, and staff do the work and you'll have a great time!

"Lived the dream with Farout"

Visited July 2015

We did the Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise with Farout and I would do it again tomorrow. 
We had the best crew, at first they looked young but don't let they fool you, they knew exactly what they were doing. Our captain, Mutlu was experienced and sweet. On the 2nd day we should of sailed around 5-6am but he saw the wind was creeping up and set sail at 4 as to not wake us up and get us to our next destination as smooth as possible.
Our cook, Aşkın did a wonderful job, keeping our bellies full of wonderful food and also keeping us all entertained.
Our crew member, Yaşar was quiet yet helpful. There was nothing too big of an ask for him, always smiling and working hard to help with the operations of the boat.
The boat was kept in great condition, we were a group of 4 and lucky to get the captains cabin which was a bit cooler; however we all slept up on deck each night under the stars which is an amazing experience.
Stops at Kas, Simena and St Nicholas Island were my personal favorite, these places are so beautiful and amazing to reach by sea.

A few words for the office:
1. The guy who introduced us to the boat didn't know which staff was the captain let alone their names. This was embarrassing.
2. A girl onboard had serious allergies and the boat staff were not aware, lucky people on board could help translate more detailed English/Turkish
3. We set off with 2 boats, I think they could of been organise much better into singles, families and couples instead of mixing people. 
4. We made a reservation for 2 twins and we were placed in a quad room. Wasn't a problem for us but as this could of been for many other people.
5. People also had paragliding reservations which the crew didn't know about meaning that our days route was all back to front and had limited time Butterfly Valley.

Having done this trip 3 times before with another company, this time I tried Farout. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. They are extremely professional with a lovely Australian girl who did the intro, telling us what to expect, what to do at each stop. She showed us to the boat, it was amazing. Clean and so well kept compared to the other companies, fantastic crew who could speak English. The food was delicious and the rooms immaculate. I can't recommend this company enough. Don't go anywhere else.