Sail Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye Blue Cruise

Departs From Fethiye
Length 7 Days 6 Nights
Gulet Class Classic
Meals Included ✓
Wi-Fi Included ✓
Shared Cabins YES

Departing Days :

Tuesday Thursday Saturday

Taking a blue cruise along the Turquoise coastline is some people's highlight of their time in Turkey. So if you think you have a little time up your sleeve, why not stay on board for a whole week and do the Fethiye to Olympos to Fethiye Sail? If you have the time, you will be spoilt to relax, kick back, and enjoy a week-long Sail Fethiye blue cruise holiday.

This week-long cruise goes along the same route to Olympos and back into Fethiye. Although you see some of the significant highlights 
twice, you will be spoilt by enjoying swimming in and visiting different secluded bays on the way there and back. Although some may think that seeing the highlights twice seems too much, it is not. When you think about it, you will have the choice each time to get off-board and go onto land to visit the site, or you may choose at one time to stay on board and enjoy the possible peace of being there alone. For those who also may be interested in the extra activities of diving and paragliding, this also gives you a chance to enjoy that to know you are not missing out on any part of your Sail Fethiye adventure as you will be seeing it again on the way there or back. The other luxury of a week-long blue cruise is you are fed; you have a bar on board and everything you need on board - it's time not to have to think but relax and enjoy being looked after.

The Fethiye to Olympos to Fethiye Sail visits all the major highlights of the Turquoise coastline. You will visit St Nicholas Island, Butterfly 
Valley, Blue Lagoon, and Oludeniz Beach, which is just on your first day. You get to see the gorgeous little fishing village of Kas as well as the Sunken City of Kekova and Simena Castle. Some of the secluded bays you stop in are pure wonders of natural beauty, and you will get to be doing all of this while experiencing genuine Turkish hospitality. Your friendly crew on board will consist of a Captain, Sailor, and Chef. They are all there to look out for you, feed your bellies and show you around this magical coastline of Southern Turkey.

So think and try to squeeze the extra days into your Turkey holiday, as I guarantee you will not want to get off your
Sail Fethiye Blue Cruise holiday

Rates 1 Apr - 9 Jun EUR 600 10 Jun - 30 Jun EUR 730 1 Jul - 29 Sep EUR 850 30 Sep - 31 Oct EUR 730
EUR 600 EUR 730 EUR 850 EUR 730

Hot Deals

Dates Available Pax 1 - 5 Pax 6 -10 Pax 11 - 16 Pax 17 + Expires
18 May - 9 Jun 20% 20% 20% 20% 12 Jun
10 Jun - 29 Sep 5% 5% 5% 5% 12 Jun
30 Sep - 31 Oct 10% 10% 10% 10% 12 Jun

Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye Gulet Cruise Itinerary

Day 1

Fethiye to St Nicholas Island

Meet at Fethiye harbor at 10:00 am; you will board the gulet, receive a brief and settle into the cabins. Please ask our friendly Sail Turkey crew for directions if required. Once we have all your soon-to-be new friends, we will take you to your Turkish gulet for cabin check-in and some boat information. It will then be time to head on out of the harbor and on your way to the first stop of Butterfly Valley. Here you can either take the time to enjoy your first swim in the ocean, or you may want to get back on land and wander through Butterfly Valley to see if you can spot a Butterfly. From there, you will head onto the famous Oludeniz Beach, well known to be the best place in the world for paragliding and home to the Blue Lagoon.

Optional Activity: Paragliding Blue Lagoon
Now for those who want the best vantage point of seeing the Blue Lagoon - from the air, there is the optional paragliding activity. If you would like more information, please ask our Sail Turkey staff at the time of your booking to get more details on this and an excellent pre-booking discount. As you sail past Oludeniz Beach, your Captain will anchor down on the backside of the Blue Lagoon for you to have another swim and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The last stop today will be at St Nicholas Island. This is where you will anchor down for the evening, and the afternoon is yours to swim and also go on land to explore the incredible ruins and climb to the top of the island for your Fethiye Sail best sunset. (L, D)

Day 2

St Nicholas Island to Kas

This morning it's time for you to enjoy your sleep while the crew wakes up at dawn to get moving on the most significant distance of your sail week. The team will head off early for you to wake up in a beautiful bay just outside of Kalkan. . You may want to wake up with a dip in the ocean before your Captain takes you onto Kas.

Optional Activity
: Diving

The waters here are so crystal clear that even though you can see the bottom of the ocean, it is still at least 20 or more meters deep. We recommend pre-booking this optional activity online before your cruise to receive special discounted rates and guarantee your dive.

This is said to be our guest's favorite spot in Turkey—a small cobblestoned old fishing village. The streets are now lined with beautiful bougainvillea and old ottoman houses with lovely jewelry shops and clothing boutiques inside. Enjoy your time shopping, or you may want to catch up on social media and hang out in one of the numerous cafes that offer wifi. After a few hours in Kas, your Captain will anchor in a secluded bay for another beautiful night under the stars. (B, L, D)

Day 3

Kas to Gokkaya Bay

Today is an action-packed day. It's time to sail past the famous Sunken City of Kekova. Your Captain will go slow enough for you to get your photos and enjoy the natural ruins as they appear to fall into the ocean. This is a protected sight, so swimming or stopping over the ruins is illegal. After enjoying the ruins, you will be offered the chance to visit Kekova and Simena Castle.

You can climb up to the top to enjoy some fantastic views over the coastline, or you may prefer to sit and enjoy a cold drink or locally made ice cream in one of the cafes in this tiny, unspoiled fishing village. This afternoon you will anchor down to enjoy Gokkaya Bay - one of the most beautiful of your trip. Keep an eye out as you swim for all the turtles you will likely find in the area. (B, L, D)

Day 4

Gokkaya Bay to Demre

This morning you will have another swim in the beautiful Gokkaya Bay before you head onto Ucagiz Village Harbour. The people who have chosen the shorter 4-day cruise will depart the boat. So it's time for you to say farewell to new friends. You will also have a few hours to head into town, wander around, sit in a cafe, or visit the impressive Lycian ruins. Around lunchtime, it's time to get back on board and welcomes newcomers sailing back with you on the Sail Fethiye blue cruise.

Once everyone is back on board, it will be time to visit the Sunken City of Kekova and Simena Castle. If you didn't climb up last time, now is your chance, or you may like to sit in a cafe or even chill out on board and enjoy the sun and quiet time.  (B, L, D)

Day 5

Gokkaya Bay to Liman Agzi or Firnaz Bay

This morning you will head on for Kas. Time to get the credit cards out again and make those purchases you may have been tempted by last time. You will visit a new bay on your way back to Kas for a swim before anchoring in the beautiful little village. For history buffs, some ancient ruins are scattered throughout the town, and the little theater that overlooks the ocean is only a short walk outside the main hustle and bustle of Kas. Suppose you find it all too hot to talk. Then, why not just stroll to one of the little beaches and dive back into the ocean? Kas has some natural cold currents, so it's a sure way to get a refreshing break from the day's heat. Once your time in Kas is finished, you will head off to spend the night in another beautiful bay towards Kalkan. (B, L, D)

Day 6

Firnaz Bay or Liman Agzi to St Nicholas Island

This morning your crew headed off early again to get you onto Butterfly Valley. So as you open your eyes for the morning, you may be familiar with the surroundings you will see. Breakfast would be served before you can hike into the valley if you didn't last time, enjoy the beautiful blue waters, and swim to wake yourself up and start the day. Once Butterfly Valley is done, it will be time to cruise back to Oludeniz Beach and the Blue Lagoon.

Optional Activity: Paragliding Blue Lagoon
Did you go paragliding last time? Are you tempted now? If so, we recommend pre-booking or speaking to your Captain about giving it a go.

That night is again spent at St Nicholas Island. As the sunset is the best from the top of the island, you may choose to go back on land to enjoy it with your new friends, or you may like to sit on the deck and enjoy a quiet sundowner as your crew is getting things ready for dinner. (B, L, D)

Day 7

St Nicholas Island to Fethiye

This morning it's your last day on your Fethiye to Olympos to Fethiye Sail. It's time to enjoy the luxury of being on a boat and get a few swims in before you head back into Fethiye harbor. You should arrive at the port just after lunch. Again, it will be time to farewell new friends and your friendly crew before you return to accommodation or your next destination within Turkey. If you need assistance with your onward plans, please be sure to speak to the Sail Turkey crew when you are booking, as they can assist you with ideas or answer any of your queries. We are confident that this Fethiye Sail week-long cruise has left you relaxed and re-energized, ready to continue your travels. You will be sure to miss it all once you leave. (B, L)

Important note: although we use the word sail, our Turkish gulets cruise with their motors. No sailing is usually done along this coastline. Please also note that the Captain is in charge at all times. Should the weather change and any parts of this itinerary be too rough or dangerous to do or complete, we hope you understand your safety comes first. If any route is amended due to weather conditions, all efforts are made to help customers with alternative options. No money is refunded.

Important Information

Please find more details and information on your cabin charter below.

- A classic Turkish wooden gulet is provided for this cabin charter. 
- Yachts are determined on your arrival. Gulet cannot be predetermined or guaranteed at the time of booking.
- All our yachts have yacht insurance. 
- We advise all travelers to take out their travel insurance.

- Mix Age Travellers - 3/4/7 day options
- Mix Age Traveller with A/C - 3/4/7 day options
- 18-39's Young Adults with A/C - 4/7 day options (only Saturday departures)

A/C or NON-A/C
- We operate Gulets A/C or non-A/C; there is a price difference for A/C gulets.
- The price is 40 Euros per person for 4D/3N cruises.
- The price is 80 Euros per person for 7D/6N cruises.
- A/C Gulets daily usage limit is 4-6 hours.
- You can sleep under the stars on decks of non-A/C gulets. In Gulet cruises, most people sleep on deck and few sleep in cabins.

Drinking water is included on this cruise.
- Gullets are included WIFI, but we can't guarantee reception in some places.
- Meals are included for the duration of your cruise. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 5 o'clock tea. 
- Port and marina fees, taxes, and fuel are all included in your cabin charter package price.
- Linen and bath towel are provided on this cabin charter. 

- On this charter, drinks are not provided in your cabin charter package, and you cannot bring your drinks. All drinks are sold on board. A bar tab is set up for the week. All bar tabs are paid after your cruise by cash only.
- Beach towel isn't provided on this cabin charter. Please note that you must bring along your beach towel, or you can buy a lungi from the ports.
- Entrance fees and optional activities are not included in the cabin charter package price(Paragliding, Diving, Water sports, Land transfers, etc.)

- All cabins have private bathrooms & and a shower.
- The allocation of cabins is done on-site. All gulets and cabin layouts are different, and cabins are not predetermined.
- On these cruises, you may be roomed in a twin, double, triple, or quad cabin, depending on your group breakdown. If you are a couple, please notify us beforehand & we will arrange a double private cabin for couples. Individuals are all shared in a twin or triple room mixed gender (we will always try to match same-sex first).
- Single supplement cabins are available at an extra cost for individual travelers who do not want to be assigned with another passenger. All cabins have private bathrooms with toilets and show restrictions
Children of 6 and under are not allowed on this cabin cruise. Ages 7 years and over are welcome. There is no children's discount available. Kids will share their parent/guardian's cabin.

Bringing your drinks is not allowed on this cruise.
Your cabin charter is a non-guided tour. No local guide on board provides information on the sites and locations.
- All efforts will be made to follow this itinerary; however, in cases of poor weather and sea conditions, this schedule may change. This could include altered daily plans and overnight stops. In these situations, all efforts will be made to consult customers on alternative options, and no money will be refunded. 

Pickups and Meeting Point 
Departing from Fethiye: There is no Hotel pick-up available. You will receive the meeting point details on your e-ticket. 
Departing from Kas: There is no Hotel pick-up available. You will receive the meeting point details on your e-ticket. 
Departing from Olympos: Pick-up is available from Olympos Hotels. Pick-up is not provided from Cirali or Antalya. 
Departing from Demre: The meeting is at noon at the Demre Bus station. 

Transfers are available for an additional cost, don't hesitate to contact us if you want to book transfers.