Sail Turkey Tours

Sail Turkey Tours

Everyone likes a sunshine holiday. When it comes to holidays, Turkey has so much to offer. The fascinating city of Istanbul with the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, and the city’s other famous landmarks is one idea of a holiday. Still, Turkey tours offer much more than Istanbul. The Turkish Coast, especially the South West corner, known commonly as the Turquoise Coast, is perhaps a better choice in the height of summer.

You may fancy a Greek Island. You can move between Greece and Turkey with no problems. If you are sailing Turkey waters and moving into Greek waters, your captain will raise a Greek flag, and you will be more than welcome.

If you have never considered a gulet cruise on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey or through the Greek Islands, it is time that you did. The region commonly described as the Eastern Mediterranean has a beautiful climate and crystal clear blue waters for most of the year. The Region is easily accessible with direct flights from many regional airports in Europe and the Middle East. If your choice is the Aegean and the west coast of Turkey, then the best available flights are to Bodrum’s Airport, Milas. There are regular daily flights from springtime until winter approaches.

It could not be easier to take a Turkish gulet from somewhere like Fethiye to take a sailing tour along the Mediterranean Coast, leaving Fethiye harbor on a Fethiye Olympos itinerary, for example. If your starting point of choice is Fethiye, you should look for flights into Dalaman, less than an hour to the west of Fethiye.

The Turkish Riviera takes some beating when it comes to yacht charter holidays. Turkey sailing holidays allow you to decide where you want to go and what you want to do. You will have an experienced captain able to advise you at every stage, and facilities will include your cabin and all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You may even like to catch fish for dinner though you will not go hungry if you do not see anything.

This part of Turkey is highly fertile, with a continuous supply of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the season. Herbs are growing naturally on the mountainsides, and olive groves abound; the local olive oil forms part of a delicious cuisine you will enjoy every day if you sail Turkey waters. You will learn much on a sailing holiday because your experienced captain will know the region well down to the last secluded bay.

There are secluded bays to enjoy a swimming break, and many are ideal for putting down the anchor for the night to enjoy the stillness and starry skies, a common feature of turkey sailing holidays.  There are a few better ways to start the following day on a sailing trip than to dive into the warm, clear water.

If you are interested in this region's history and culture, there is plenty to see dating back to the times of the Lycians in the centuries before Christ. Ancient ruins date back as far as the 4th Century BC. Lycian rock tombs are awe-inspiring and can be found in various places on the south coast.

A blue cruise on a traditional gulet will guarantee a memorable holiday. It will be challenging to think of anything better next year, but why should you? Turkish sailing holidays have everything you could ever want from a break away from home and work. Time becomes irrelevant on your private yacht, and you will likely forget which day of the week it is. If you have never had a holiday as relaxing as this in the past, you are missing something. It is time to look at Turkey travel, especially sailing tours. You do not need any expertise; you have a captain for that. The calm blue waters are such that even those who feel unsteady on the sea will have no problems. Everyone needs to enjoy themselves. It may even make you want to learn to sail for yourself, giving you even more independence. Anything is possible.

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Sailing Turkey Coast

The best way to arrange a sailing holiday along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey is to contact a company that has years of experience with gulet cruising and yacht charter along the Turkish Coast. The blue waters of the Turkish coastline, whether it is the Aegean Sea or the Mediterranean heading east along the Lycian Coast,offers warm and clear blue seas that invite you to swim.

Sailing Turkey

You may never have considered sailing holidays; a yacht charter may seem a bit adventurous, yet you can book a sailing tour on a Turkey yacht complete with an experienced captain and crew and enjoy the guaranteed calm, warm seas. Traditional Turkish cuisine, fresh fruit, vegetables, and perhaps even fish you catch will ensure you will never go hungry.