Sailing Turkey Coast

Sailing Turkey Coast
The best way to arrange a sailing holiday along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey is to contact a company that has years of experience with gulet cruising and yacht charter along the Turkish Coast. The blue waters of the Turkish coastline, whether it is the Aegean Sea or the Mediterranean heading east along the Lycian Coast, offer warm and clear blue seas that invite you to swim.

Sailing holidays offer something different; a chance to relax and watch the world go by. If you take a blue cruise on a traditional gulet you will be able to put down your anchor wherever you choose; in secluded bays, close to ancient ruins, rock tombs from the times of the Lycian civilization, and the sunken city at Kekova which is easily seen through the crystal clear waters.

When it comes to taking a Mediterranean holiday Turkey makes a compelling case. History and culture, cuisine and climate; whichever of these is your priority you will find that you will leave to return home completely satisfied. In terms of sailing Turkey has a vast coastline and the Greek islands on its
west coast allow holidaymakers on a blue voyage to compare the similarities and the differences between the two countries. They may not be the best of friends at the international level but that is not the case in the localities; everyone will find a warm welcome in whichever national waters they are in. A Turkish gulet will simply hoist a Greek flag when it sails to a Greek island. The Aegean is dotted with islands of varying sizes and even if you just stop for lunch you will be very welcome.

For sailing holidays Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean needs close examination. The waters are inevitably calm and warm as soon as the relatively mild winter is over. Rain is an extreme rarity from May onwards, often until October so that covers the main annual holiday period for a whole host of nationalities. When it comes to the coast Turkey has many secluded bays, some with lovely stretches of sand, beautiful secure places where you can drop anchor, relax and eat dinner, perhaps of fish you have caught yourself, sleep and refresh yourself early in the morning by diving into the sea.

There is plenty of choice for those who want to sail Turkey waters. The
Bodrum Marmaris trip in the extreme southwest of the Turkish Riviera heads south around the Datca Peninsula with Datca a potential port of call as you head east to Marmaris. A gulet cruise continuing eastwards, Marmaris Fethiye passes many a secluded bay. This region has been inhabited for centuries before Christ with Lycian rock tombs evidence of their former civilization.

Traditional Turkish hospitality is available wherever you drop anchor. There are regular stops to pick up the fresh fruit and vegetables that form part of any Turkey sailing holiday. When you board traditional gulets and yachts you will be in the hands of an experienced captain familiar with the beautiful blue water you are sailing and the host of tourist attractions as you sail along. If you are heading east from Fethiye your first stop may be the Blue Lagoon, the famous beach at Oludeniz, and the paragliders coming off the mountain above. Gemiler (Nicholas Island) Island is another local treat. It is thought to be the original burial site of St.Nicholas and there are several fascinating Byzantine ruins (4th – 6th Centuries), primarily churches. The Fethiye area is known for much more; the 12 Island Tour is a day trip out of Fethiye while Butterfly Valley is another popular trip where in the height of summer there are many species of butterflies and moths in a quiet canyon leading down to the sea; the easiest way to access it is actually from the sea.

Perhaps this has started to get you thinking? Land at Dalaman Airport in South West Turkey sail its seas and enjoy the warmest of welcomes.A
Turkey offer needs serious consideration and it is likely if you accept you will return home determined to get a Turkey yacht next year to explore a different part of this remarkable coastline.

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