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Whether you are after a quiet romantic getaway or a fun filled group vacation, you have come to the right place. Alaturka Gulet Charters provide a private yachting experience along the Turquoise Coast like no other. We have a handful of yachts to choose from that range from standard traditional Turkish gulets through to  mid range and right up to luxury. With over 13 years of experience on our hands, all you need to do is let us know your needs and we can guide you step by step from helping you choose the ideal gulet to creating the perfect cruise itinerary.

Alaturka 81 Length: 27m Capacity: 20
Alaturka 81 Gulet
Alaturka 1 Length: 23m Capacity: 16
Alaturka 1 Gulet
Alaturka 2 Length: 26m Capacity: 20
Alaturka 2 Gulet
Mavi Length: 25m Capacity: 12
Mavi  Gulet
Tersane 8 Length: 44m Capacity: 28
Tersane 8 Gulet
Grand Alaturka Length: 30m Capacity: 18
Grand Alaturka Gulet

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Sailing Holidays Turkey gulet

The traditional Turkish gulet, a wooden sailing vessel with two or three masts are a popular way to see the Mediterranean Coast and the Greek Islands of the Aegean. Locally built they are sometimes as long as 35 metres and offer private charter sailing holidays for varying numbers of tourists. They became increasing popular as South West Turkey began to attract an increasing number of tourists. Many had perhaps not considered a sailing holiday before but the word soon spread and gulet cruises along the Turkish Coast are now a regular feature for those coming to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Learn to Sail Turkey

Sailing holidays in Turkey have become increasingly popular in recent years helped in no small way by the number of direct flights into the airports that serve the Turquoise Coast. You may fly into Bodrum in the extreme South West corner of Turkey or Antalya towards the eastern end of the Turkish Riviera but Dalaman which is less than an hour from Fethiye is perhaps the best choice as an airport of arrival?