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Sailing in Turkey Gulet

If you have not heard about the delights of a blue cruise along the Turkish coast in a private charter then it is possible that there is a real holiday experience waiting for you on the Turquoise Coast. Turkey has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over recent years as people have discovered it offers much more than just sun, sea and sand. Everyone wants a healthy suntan from their summer holiday but suntans soon fade, certainly far more quickly than memories.

Turkey Cruise Ports

Turkey has almost 8,000 km of coastline, with about 20% of the Black Sea that washes onto the shore of many countries. Those heading west from Istanbul through the Sea of Marmara are heading for warmer waters. They will run through the crystal blue Aegean and the islands of Greece before reaching the Mediterranean. The Turkish Coast continues east from the tip of the Datca Peninsula beyond Adana to the border with Syria. It is a coastline with so much to offer, but for those that start-up in Istanbul, it is worth spending some time in this beautiful city before heading off on a cruise.